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Course Description, Reference Tables, and Past Exams
Click here for labs and activities, and also see the list of labs and activities below.

INDEX: Misc. Stuff, Hurricanes, Weather, Geomorphology, Astronomy, Tectonics, Earth History, Rocks and Minerals, Mapping, Digital Lab Data

Misc. Labs and Activities
Reference Table Review with answers
Radiometric Dating reveiw questions
Challenging Questions - Can you figure this stuff out?
Observation and Inference worksheet .pdf .doc
Classification Lab Sort out a Pile 'O' Rocks!
The Density of Liquids .pdf .doc (Also: teacher notes in .pdf .doc format)
Callister Quad Topo Map Exercise (.pdf)
Interpreting Topo Maps .pdf .doc (You'll need this companion web page, too)
Local Topo Maps .pdf
The Size of the Earth .pdf .doc Use a GPSr to determine the circumference of the earth. With care, you can come within 0.5% of the true circumference!
Shipwrecks of Lake Ontario .pdf .doc *** key Lab courtesy of Herb Ritchie
Groundhog Day! Is it for real?!

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Hurricane Related Labs and Activities
Hurricane Dean images, labs, lessons, and Google Earth
Hurricanes On-Line introduction to Hurricanes Assignment.
Hurricane Dean (2007) intro 'lab' .pdf, Color map, and map with track, plotting strategy
Hurricane Dean in Google Earth lab: Google Earth file and lab pages in .pdf format
Hurricane Tracking Lab - 2007-2008 edition .pdf, .doc
Hurricane Ivan (2004) intro 'lab' .pdf .doc
Hurricane Emily (2005) intro 'lab' .pdf .doc Color maps: 1, 2
Hurricane Florence (2006) turns east at 30 degrees North latitiude.
Hurricane Tracking Lab - 2005-2006 edition .pdf, .doc
Hurricane Tracking Lab - 2007-2008 edition .pdf, .doc
Emily Tracking Chart Grayscale, Color
Generic Chart for current season
Hurricane Bonnie Tracking Chart

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Weather and Climate Related Labs and Activities
Length of Day and Temperature Lab .doc or .pdf, Spreadsheet needed to complete the lab
NOAA Almanac page - for sun and temperature statistics.
The Weather Station Model powerpoint and accompanying notes
Interpreting Station Models .pdf .doc
Making a Pressure ProfileMap (.pdf), Graph (.pdf) to plot data. How to:Collect data, Plot data
Reading Isobars .pdf .doc
April 27, 2007 Cold Front .ppt and map (.pdf)
Cold Front! in .pdf format
Mt Washington, NH WeatherPart 1 and Part 2(solution)
White Plains Metar .pdf .doc
Great Lakes Storm .pdf .doc
Elements of the Water Budget .ppt and blank sheets to accompany the .ppt. (If you don't have PowerPoint installed, you can get a free 'viewer' here)
Water Budget Review and Questions
Water Budget Spreadsheet and Grapher
Dewpoint and Relative Humidity .pdf .doc (Courtesy of Larry Wood at Hen Hud)
Determining Cloudbase Height .pdf .doc (Courtesy of Larry Wood at Hen Hud)
Cloud Base Height Chart .pdf

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Geomorphology Related Labs and Activities
US Drainage Basins.pdf
NY Drainage Basins .pdf
Connecticut River Profile.pdf .doc, Data in excel format, Google Earth tour
Drainage Basin Exercise.pdf .doc
Stream Discharge.pdf .doc
Stream Discharge Data in .xls format

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Astronomy Related Labs and Activities
Introduction to Deep Space lesson
HR Diagram Intro lesson
Shape of the Earth worksheets
Path of the Sun .pdf format only.
Gotham Equinox challenge! (.pdf)
Polaris "Pointers".pdf .ppt
Altitude of Polaris (powerpoint proof)with student worksheet
Star Trail Exercise .pdf. Analyze a star trail photo taken by a student in upstate NY.
Labeled star trail photo, with an image from 4.5 hours later here
Star Trails Lab .pdf .doc.
On-line version here
Diagrams for Star Trail lab when done online (.pdf)
Star Trails Lab Part 2 .pdf .doc
47 Tucanae - and the Blue Stragglers! in .pdf format
The Ellipse .pdf .doc
Phases of the Moon .pdf .doc, and horizon cutout (print on transparencies)
Orbit of Venus .pdf .doc

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Tectonics Related Labs and Activities
.The Great Tohoku Quake of 3/11/2011
Sumatra Earthquake .pdf .doc See also: Sumatra Earthquake map, video, and links.

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Earth History Related Labs and Activities
Sandwich Stratigraphy (Do not attempt this on an empty stomach)
Bedrock Correlation.pdf .doc
NY Geologic X-Section Lab.pdf
Absolute Dating With Skittles .pdf .doc
Absolute Dating spreadsheet
Earth History practice test for Kluge's classes (.pdf)
Absolute Dating practice test for Kluge's classes (.pdf)

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Rocks 'n' Minerals Related Labs and Activities
Mineral Intro powerpoint
Tetrahedron Cutouts and silicate structure diagrams
Rock Cycle powerpoint and worksheet (with key)
Know the Igneous Rocks
Know the Sedimentary Rocks
Know the Metamorphic Rocks
I Know This Rock Is.. (how to identify a rock)
Rock Characteristics (a supplement to the ESRT)
Rock ID Practical

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Lab Data in Excel Format
Connecticut River Data
Stream Discharge Data
Glacial Rebound Data
Great Lakes Visualization

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Topo Maps
Topo Map Practice
Topo Maps

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