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Doppler Effect, General Interest, Satellites Viewing, Time, Sunrise and Sunset Times and Locations, Earth's Moon,Resources for Educators

The Doppler Effect and Redshift
Doppler Effect - car horn passing
Doppler Effect description, and photos/movies of sonic booms.
Doppler Effect Demo
Red Shift Explanation
Red Shift "Visualization"
Stellar Evolution Applet- pick a star, and watch it evolve.

General Interest
Measuring the Sky - a guide to understanding the celestial sphere.
Astronomy Update- what's happening, what has been discovered?
Powers of 10 Video
July 2003 Mars Occultation
US Naval Observatory data service. Get all sorts of information regarding sunrise and sunset times, altitude of noon sun, moon phase info, etc. etc.
NOAA almanac of climate and weather data.
Astronomy Utilities A neat collection of interactive sky charts and models from Fourmile Labs.
Views of the Solar System A great collection of images and animations of all things astronomical, including
Transit of Venus movie
Moon Rotation movie
Stig's Sky Calendar - Find any celestial object at any time on any day, from any place on Earth. This is a fantastic simulator that graphically portrays the paths of planets, the moon, and the sun among the stars.
Interactive Planetarium from
Sky Notes from Abrams Planetarium. A great day by day list of celestial events.
Kepler's Laws of planetary motion and the geometry of the ellipse are explained nicely here.
Kepler's Laws animations, where you can change the orbit and watch what happens. A very clever site!
Solar System Builder: a very cool java applet- add planets to our solar system, view the orbits, etc. Kronk's Comet Pages
NASA's Space Academy Meteor Page


Satellite Viewing
Heavens Above Satellite Viewing - When and where to see the space station (ISS), shuttle (SST), Iridium flares, etc.

Time, Sunrise and Sunset Times and Locations
Insolation Curves 1 and 2 for White Plains, NY
View the Sun's Path for Any Date/Latitude (Interactive Java Applet)
What time is it?
Daylight Saving Time A brief explanation of how it works.
WebExhibit's Daylight Saving Time page.
ZULU time!
Why is the length of the equinox daylight period slightly longer than 12 hours?
An example illustrating and explaining the 12 hr + length of daylight on the equinox.
See why and calclulate how far north of east the solstice Sun actually rises
Sunrise and Sunset around the Winter Solstice

Earth's Moon
Eclipse of March 3, 2007
Moon Phase Movie A quick view of the Moon through its cycle of phases.
Here is a great little Moon Phase Animator. Run it while you're working on the Phases of the Moon Lab
Moon Illusion Why does the rising or setting moon seem so large?
Take this Moon Phase Quiz to see if you REALLY know your Moon phases.
Eclipse Info Fred Espenak's list of eclipses in 2002. Don't miss the animation of the Dec. 25, 2000 partial solar eclipse!
Eclipse Links
Tides A brief explanation of variations in range and height of tides.
Hilton Head Tides Photos of the same spot at high and low tide.

Resources for Educators
Steve's PS:ES astronomy labs and activities
Steve's Astronomy Images

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