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GPS Visualizer for Overlays
Automatic Topo Maps!
Getting Hi-Res Imagery
NYS GIS Interactive Mapping Gateway
  • BudBurst data at Candlewood (a work in progress)
  • Camel's Hump, Vermont
  • Cameron's Line Field Trip
  • Cold Front
  • Crater Lake U-Shaped Valleys
  • Ellerslie
  • FLHS Field Trip
  • Front Range Geology
  • Geology of the United States
  • NY Physical, Landscape, and Geologic Maps
  • NY ESRT Geologic Map, NY ESRT Landscape Map
  • Geology of the NY Bight
  • Giant Peak Glaciology
  • Holy Cross, Colorado Glaciology
  • Hurricane Dean (1)
  • Hurricane Dean (2)
  • Hurricane Noel Pressure and Waves
  • Hurricane Overview (html)
  • Hurricane Overview (kmz)
  • Kelut Volcano
  • Kondike Notch (Adirondacks) topo and trail map
  • Various map overlays
  • Maine Kayak Trip
  • McCullough Gulch, Colorado
  • NOAA Caribbean
  • Rift Basins
  • Rocky Mt. National Park
  • San Diego Landslide
  • Static Peak Topo exercise
  • Strange Sights
  • Topo Map Exercise
  • Triassic Lowlands of New Jersey
  • Tropical Storm Potential
  • NY Physical, Landscape, and Geologic Maps
  • Virginia Geologic Map

  • Make a placemark! (or get printable .pdf instructions)
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    Teaching with Google Earth at SUNY Stonybrook

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