Hi Res Imagery from GPS Visualizer / USGS

Image quality in Google Earth is of quite low resolution in some areas, and that can be remedied by draping higher resolution photos over the area of interest. The screen shot below is of the northwest facing flank of Mt. Colden in the Adirondack High Peaks of NY with a USGS aerial photo draped over Google Earth's virtual globe.

The image was delivered by GPS Visualizer (http://gpsvisualizer.com/kml_overlay), cropped and properly located on the globe with a central latitude and longitude and a few mouse clicks.

Below is a snippet of that aerial image overlay with the very lo-res Google Earth imagery beneath it.

While the aerial image is not in color, the increased resolution more than makes up for that.

There are other sources of even higher resolution images (like the NY GIS Gateway), but getting the images into Google Earth is more complicated.

Created on ... October 15, 2008