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Atmosphere (back to top)
  • Low clouds over Mahattan
  • Lake Effect Snow (satellite image)
  • Mirage in the Adirondacks
  • Reflected images in Marcy Pond, and in the Great Swamp
  • Orographic Lifting- from NOVA
  • Air Circulation around a HIGH pressure system
  • Air Circulation around a LOW pressure system
  • Satellite Image of a Cold Front and Hurricane Helene.(clickable labels)
  • NY Tornadoes 1950-1995
  • Tornado Videos
  • Tornado path (Illinois, 4/04)
  • Cold Front crossing NYS - October 2005 (metars and map)
  • Cold Front crossing NYS - October 2008 (metars and satellite)
  • Animated Maps From Wunderground
  • "Comma Cloud", (labeled)
  • Temperature Map November 06, 2005
  • Tropical Cyclone Boloetse (2/3/2006)
  • Mt. Washington, NH weather report (2/6/2007)
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  • Basalt Intrusion in granite. More basalt and even more!
  • The Devil's Backbone at Crater Lake, OR (labeled image here)
  • Aa Lava Flowdestroying a road and roasting a forest
  • Pahoehoe lava, and more Pahoehoe lava
  • Skylight
  • Lava Tube
  • Hawaii photos from Smith College
  • Flood Basalt
  • Columbia Plateau
  • More Flood Basalt
  • Pahoehoe and Aa
  • Topo Map of Hudson Gorge B & W .pdf
  • SE NY Geologic Map
  • Lava flows on the Big Island
  • Hawaii photos
  • Nuee Ardente video
  • Pyroclastic flows
  • Mt. St. Helens, 1993
  • Furnace Slag: pic. 1 and pic. 2
  • Rocks - Metamorphic (back to top) Shorelines (back to top)
    Structural Geology (back to top)
    Tectonics (back to top)
    Weathering and Erosion (back to top)