Welcome, colleagues, to the "Designing and Creating Earth Science Lessons with Google Earth" workshop. During this session, we will explore some of the ways you can incorporate the incredible geospatial displays that are a part of Google Earth into your everyday lessons, activities, and labs. You'll learn what you can do with Google Earth, and how to create and customize kml files to your specific needs and interests, and you'll leave the workshop with lots of new resources and ideas to make your classes way more interesting and interactive for your students. We'll work through the development of Google Earth tour together, and then each of you will develop a Google Earth lesson to bring back to your classroom. You will also be given the links to several lessons that are ready to use as soon as you download them. Contact workshop leader Steve Kluge at with any questions or ideas you may have - either before or after the workshop. Online and .pdf versions of the manual we'll refer to are available here.

Useful Links for the Workshop

Google Earths:
Pocahontas Park Images:
Cool New Tool:

Pre-workshop Information and Ideas

  • Bring a USB Drive with you - it'll make it easier for you to bring your creations home
  • Bring digital images you might want to use in a Google Earth Lesson - you can bring them on a USB drive, or better yet open a free flickr account and post your images there. Ultimately, you'll want your images on line anyway, so a free flickr account will give you a head start!
  • Think of a place or places you'd like your students to explore - You'll have a chance to develop a lesson or activity around those places. If you have images, bring 'em with you (see above)
  • Bring your own wireless enabled laptop - it's totally non-essential, but it's nice to work on your own machine (NOTE: I'm not even sure the facility we're meeting in is wireless capable, so don't worry too much about this one!)

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Updated on ... August 26, 2007