PNWBOCES Earth Science Workshops Spring 2008

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These approved short courses can earn you up to 16 hours of professional development credit, and are often paid for by your District. Contact Steve Kluge at or Judy Powers at for costs, registration instructions, and details.

Upcoming workshops include: Kayak based field trip

  • Cameron's Line - a Kayak Based Field Trip on the Housatonic River (Saturday, June 7, 2008)

    Cameron's Line marks the suture between the continental rocks of ancestral North America and oceanic rocks metamorphosed as they were thrust eastward during the closing of the Iapetus Sea during the Ordovician Taconic Orogeny. We'll spend some time discussing the underlying geologic setting and history, and then paddle along and across Cameron's Line on the Housatonic River in New Milford, Connecticut. If you own a kayak, bring it along, or we'll provide one. No kayaking experience is necessary to learn from and enjoy this field trip.(register online)


    The following workshops have run already. Similar workshops are being offered in the fall of 2008.
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  • Earth Science Regents - the New Part D Lab Practicum

    In this SED sanctioned workshop you'll learn what the new Part D stations will look like, how to set them up and grade them, and what parallel activities you can use during the year to meaningfully prepare your students for success on this important part of the PS:ES exam. (register online)

  • Earth Science Content for Special Education Teachers

    Many special education teachers in our Region are finding themselves co-teaching in science classes. This two day workshop is designed for special education teachers whose students are preparing for the Earth Science Regents exam and who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of Earth Science. The goals of the workshop are to provide background information on the major topics of the course such as Astronomy, Meteorology & Weather, Climate, and Geology and to walk through the required Regents lab skills (new Part D). The workshop is designed to enhance special education teachers' content knowledge and confidence in their roles as co-teachers in Earth Science classes.(register on line)

  • Google Earth in the Geoscience Classroom

    Since it's debut in the summer of 2005, Google Earth has provided a free, easy way to dramatically visualize and explore all sorts of geographic information. In this workshop, you'll learn what you can do with Google Earth, and how to create and customize kml files to your specific needs and interests. You'll leave the workshop with lots of new resources and ideas to make your classes way more interesting and interactive for your students. If you have one, bring your laptop with Google Earth installed.(register online)

  • Earthcaching

    Earthcaching is the geoscience education branch of the popular 'sport' of Geocaching. In this workshop we'll review the basics of GPS use and theory, and then spend time in the field using our GPSr's creatively, visiting existing earthcaches, and perhaps creating our own, new caches. If you have a GPSr, bring it with you. If you're planning to get one, get it now and bring it to the workshop.(register online)

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