Earning College Credit for Advanced Physical Geology at FLHS

In the fall of 2004, the Department of Earth Sciences at SUNY College at Oneonta introduced their new Earth Science Outreach Program (ESOP) wherein students earn college credit and transcripts in qualified high school courses.

FLHS submitted our Advanced Physical Geology course materials to SUNY Oneonta for approval and the course was the first one accepted into ESOP.

FLHS students enrolled in Fox Lane's Advanced Physical Geology pay $100 and are enrolled in Oneonta's GEOL 120 Introduction to Geology course. At the end of the course, students receive an official transcript from Oneonta indicating a grade and 3 credits earned. The transcript is no different from the transcript earned by a student studying at SUNY Oneonta.

From the ESOP web page: If students decide to attend SUNY Oneonta, they have already earned credit for a course. If they decide to attend another college, they may apply for transfer credit for their ESOP course at whatever college they attend. GEOL 120 also carries credit for the SUNY General Education 2000 requirement. This means that even if they attend a SUNY institution other than Oneonta, students will still have earned credit toward the General Education graduation requirement instituted by the SUNY Board of Trustees. In our 3 year experience with ESOP, we've found that most non-SUNY colleges and universities are granting credit for the course as well.